Searching for The Gold of the Lost Dutchman Mine in Superstition Mountain

March 31, 2020 - General
Searching for the Gold of the Lost Dutchman Mine in the Superstition Mountains

The Lost Dutchman Mine is said to be a rich goldmine located somewhere in the southwestern American state of Arizona. Generally speaking, this mine is claimed to be situated in the Superstition Mountains, described by one source as “a collection of rough terrain that has gained the name of a single mountain” which lies to the east of Phoenix, the Arizonan capital.

For some, the Lost Dutchman Mine is just a myth, one that perhaps grew over time until it defied belief. Others hold a firm belief in the existence in this mine. Using the clues found in various stories, many have attempted to seek out the lost mine, though it seems that none of the treasure seekers have found it yet. Some have even lost their lives in the pursuit of this treasure – leading to claims that the mine is cursed.

The Golden Legend Surrounding the Lost Dutchman Mine

There are many stories about the Lost Dutchman Mine, as they have been accumulating over the years. In one of these, the origin of the legend is traced back to the 16th century. It says that in 1540 a Spanish expedition to find the ‘Seven Golden Cities of Cibola’ was launched by Francisco Vasquez de Coronado. The expedition is said to have arrived in the area of the Superstition Mountains, which was by the Apache Indians at that time inhabited. They learned from the natives that there was gold to be found on the mountains.


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