Shipwreck's 350-Year-Old Bottles of Wine Are Up for Auction – Would You Take a Sip?

June 5, 2019 - General
350 year-old shipwreck wine discovered in the North Sea. Source: Wojciech / Christie’s.

Divers have uncovered many treasures and rare items from the seafloor. Some years ago, a team of divers recovered a collection of wine-bottles from a shipwreck in the North Sea. They date back over 300 years and the wine is about to be sold at one of the world’s most prestigious auction houses, Christie’s of London.

Divers were investigating a shipwreck off the coast of Hamburg, in Germany in 2010. They were working at a depth of 120 feet (40 meters). Sadly, the ship had deteriorated badly and there was not much to salvage. During the divers’ investigation of the wreck, they discovered fourteen bottles of wine, in a decaying wicker basket embedded in mud on the seafloor. The divers brought the find back to the surface, but according to Fox News “during the recovery, one of the bottles was broken.”

Source: origins

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