Speaking of Angels and Saints: The Story of Joan of Arc

July 10, 2020 - General
Detail of ‘The Maid of Orléans’ (1886) by Jan Matejko - Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc was a young peasant woman who lived during the last phase of the Hundred Years’ War. This war was a series of military conflicts between France and England which began in 1337 due to an inheritance dispute over the French throne. It ended in 1453. The 116 years of the war saw the rise and fall of several kings and nobles, many of whom are noteworthy in their own right. Joan of Arc, however, may be one of the most extraordinary figures from this period.

Joan of Arc, The Pious Child that Heard Voices

Joan of Arc was born around 1412 in Domrémy, a village located in the north-east of France. This village was within the territory of the Duke of Burgundy. Although the Burgundians were allies of the English, the people of Domrémy remained loyal to France.

Joan’s father was a farmer by the name of Jacques D’Arc, and her mother was a woman named Isabelle Romée or Isabelle de Vouthon. According to popular belief, Joan spent her childhood in the pastures with sheep and cattle, though this perception is unfounded. She is said to have been a pious child, who often knelt in church absorbed in prayer.

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