Storm Reveals 4,500-Year-Old Forest of a ‘Sunken Kingdom’ in Wales

May 24, 2019 - General
Close up of the revealed ancient trees of the sunken kingdom. Source: Wayne Lewis / Fair Use

A storm has revealed an amazing sight on a beach in Wales. High gusts of winds have exposed an ancient forest of dead trees that are 4,500 years old. These submerged trees are believed to have inspired a legend about a sunken kingdom that has played a very important part in Welsh mythology.

The Revealing Storm

Storm Hannah struck Wales on the 27th of April and it left a trail of devastation. Its highs wind caused a great deal of damage and felled many trees. The strong gusts also drove great amounts of sand from beaches along the coast of Wales. This left exposed a “prehistoric forest which was buried under water and sand more than 4,500 years ago” according to the Daily Mail. This dates the trees to the Bronze Age, almost to the time when Stonehenge, was being constructed.

Source: origins

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