Swastikas Carved at Prehistoric Sites in England by Neo-Nazi Groups that Worship Norse God Odin

August 11, 2019 - General
Soldiers of Odin in Stockholm 2016

Neo-Nazi groups in England have been carrying out sinister torchlit rituals and carving swastikas into trees at ancient sites across the country.

An investigation by The Telegraph revealed that far-right groups which have adopted religious beliefs connected to the worship of the ancient Norse gods, have been participating in rituals at National Trust sites, such as the World Heritage stone circle at Avebury, and English Heritage site Wayland’s Smithy, a Neolithic burial chamber.

Swastikas were found carved into trees at Wayland’s Smithy and both English Heritage and the National Trust plan to increase security and surveillance at the ancient sites to protect them from vandalism and anti-social activity.

Avebury Neolithic henge monument

Avebury Neolithic henge monument. Credit: valeryegorov / Adobe Stock

Source: origins

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