Terror Attack at the Giza Pyramids Injures 16

May 19, 2019 - General
Khafra and Cheops pyramids in Giza, Egypt

In Egypt, security sources have announced a suspected bomb attack on a tourist bus near the world-famous Giza pyramids. Initial reports indicate that 16 people were hurt in the attack, but that their injuries are believed to be relatively minor.  If this is confirmed to be a terrorist bombing then it would be the latest in a long string of incidents, that are aimed at disrupting Egypt’s vital tourism sector.

It is believed that what was an improvised explosive device detonated as a bus filled with tourists was waiting in traffic. The explosion occurred at a wall with a fence and it strew debris over the road.  This appears to have been a roadside bomb attack, a well-known terrorist tactic in the Middle East.

16 tourists have been injured in the attack. (Image: Twitter)

16 tourists have been injured in the attack. (Image: Yosef Yisrael /Twitter)

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