The Anemoi and the Ingenious Invention of the Tower of the Winds

December 17, 2019 - General
Anemoi, Tower of the Winds, Athens, Greece

In ancient Greek mythology, there were eight wind gods known as the Anemoi. Each deity was given a cardinal direction from which their wind blew. In addition, the winds were associated with different seasons and weather conditions. The four major Anemoi are Boreas (the north wind who brings the cold winter air), Notus (the south wind who brings the storms of late summer and autumn), Zephyrus (the west wind who brings the light spring and early summer breezes) and Eurus (the east wind). The four minor Anemoi are Kaikias (the north east wind), Apeliotes (the south east wind), Skiron, (the north west wind) and Lips (the south west wind).

These winds are sometimes personified as winged men with symbols that indicated the type of wind that they were bringing. For instance, the north wind, Boreas, is depicted as a man wearing a heavy cloak and blowing through a twisted shell, while Zephyrus is depicted as a youth carrying flowers into the air. The personification of the Anemoi can be seen on one of Athens monuments aptly known as the Tower of the Winds.

An ancient wind god on the Tower of the Wind. (sirylok /Adobe Stock)

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