The Copper Scroll Abacus: Is the Real Treasure Found In the Numbers?

May 12, 2019 - General
The Copper Scroll part of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Even the most intriguing mysteries have a sell-by date in a 24/7 mass communications age. But one has proven itself to be more enduring since a copper scroll was unearthed on the coast of the Dead Sea in 1952. Its content has baffled and confounded the biblical fraternity ever since, because the scroll listed 64 locations where vast quantities of gold and silver treasures were buried. 

Unsurprisingly, the lure of finding hidden treasures excited imaginations and led to archaeological expeditions. But all ended in failure because the descriptions to find the sites were incredibly vague. The scroll was dense with numbers, which I initially felt were the depth in cubits to dig at the various sites to find weights of treasure in talents. (Talents and cubits were the biblical units of weights and measurements.) But when I detected the indices to perform equations with some of those numbers, it introduced arithmetic into my investigation. Might those numbers be the stepping stones to a higher knowledge? 

Source: origins

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