The Fake Story of Juan Ponce de León and the Fountain of Youth

October 30, 2019 - General
Portrait of Juan Ponce de León.

Juan Ponce de León was one of the first Europeans known to have set foot on what is today the United States of America. This was due to his expedition to the area now known as Florida (the first one conducted by Europeans). Incidentally, the name Florida is said to have been given by Ponce de León himself. Additionally, Ponce de León discovered the Bahama Channel and colonized Puerto Rico.

Yet, Ponce de León is perhaps most remembered for his legendary search for the ‘Fountain of Youth’, a magical source of water that supposedly reversed the aging process and cured diseases. This quest has certainly overshadowed Ponce de León’s other accomplishments, though some have argued that the Spanish conquistador actually never searched for the ‘Fountain of Youth’ in the first place.

Source: origins

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