The Fierce Warriors of the Steppes: Who Were the Sarmatians?

July 15, 2020 - General
The Sarmatians and Scythians were skillful at horseback warfare and fierce adversaries of the Romans and Greeks alike

The world of classical antiquity was filled with various tribes, cultures, and diverse peoples that dictated the unfolding events that shaped the world as we know it today. New and emerging cultures were shaped into tribes and nations, and would disappear as quickly as they came into existence. For most of this period, and the ones that came before, the vast Eurasian Steppe was a fertile ground for dominant cultures to emerge and grow powerful. The Sarmatians were one of these cultures: a powerful tribal confederation of a wider Scythian group of peoples. Fierce and skilled in warfare, the Sarmatians greatly expanded their boundaries and grew powerful, eclipsing the old Scythians and making their mark. In time they became a fierce adversary of the Romans and the Greeks, one of the “barbarian” peoples that threatened the age old boundaries of the classical world. But, what was their fate?

The vast Eurasian Steppe was a fertile ground for cultures, such as the Sarmatians, to emerge and grow powerful


Source: origins

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