The Helmet of Miltiades, Symbol of a Famous Ancient Greek Warrior

March 11, 2020 - General
Helmet of the ancient Greek warrior Miltiades the Younger

When a magnificent helmet was recovered from the ruins of the temple of Zeus researchers couldn’t believe their eyes. It is very rare to find an item which belonged to a famous warrior of the ancient Greek battlefields. The offering he brought to the temple centuries ago made his name known once again. This is the story of the famed ancient Greek warrior Miltiades.

The Battle of Marathon is one of the most famous ancient battles in the world. The legends surrounding the meeting of two strong armies is still a cause for Greek national pride. Moreover, the legend about Miltiades is not only the story of a warrior. He was also related to a famous Athenian family which was known for their good education, success as politicians, and strong soldiers.

1875 Illustration depicting Miltiades.

1875 Illustration depicting Miltiades. (Public Domain)

Source: origins

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