The Madness of Caligula: Rome’s Cruelest Emperor?

March 29, 2019 - General
Emperor Caligula

Caligula was Rome’s most tyrannical emperor. His reign from 37-41 AD is filled with murder and debauchery, to levels even his infamous nephew Nero could not reach. The great-great grandson of Julius Caesar certainly left his mark by his possible madness and definitely horrific acts.

The story of Caligula is a legacy that goes back thousands of years. In his short life of only 29 years, he experienced terrible tragedy, a deep hatred for the man who killed his family, great power as the emperor of Rome, and eventually, a brutal death. In the latter years of his life, his behavior became so outlandish and extreme that many believe he was suffering from insanity. Some say he was driven to madness by the events in his life, while others say he may have been mentally ill or suffering the effects of a disease.

Painting of a broken statue of Roman Emperor Caligula. (Aaron Rutten / Adobe)

Source: origins

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