The Mars – Earth thing..

On the surface of Mars lies a mound of, well, Mars! Can’t quite say a mound of earth!
But this is no ordinary mound of Mars. This mound has a design to it. It is a design that can only be compared to one earthly image, the eye of Horus. Or the eye of Ra as some prefer, but they are almost the same thing as they represent two forms of the same deity.

Horus is one of the oldest and most significant deities in ancient Egyptian religion and the symbol that most relates to him is known around the world. He is either seen as the eye we know or as a bird of prey, there is doubt over exactly which one, or he is seen as a bird headed man. He is also being associated with Mars

“…the Egyptian God HORUS is identical with planet MARS. And that means that all the Gods inside of the myth are celestial bodies, in the same way as in the Epic of Creation. So this myth describes a very special cosmic event.”

“The sky god Horus protecting the red (?) disk of Mars (NOT THE SUN!) which at this particular time was named Ramesses (‘Fashioned by Re’), personified here as the young king. Photo credit: Jon Bosworth”

So what has this all got to do with the face on Mars and the potential of it being a real representation of what everyone thinks it is.. A face? How does the mirroring of it, and showing a lions face, fit into this picture as well? What else do we need to help us prove that what we see is what we have really got?

We need more things that can actually connect in such a way that there can be little room for any doubt. But even with these things, are we really happy to admit that there is a connection or is it all still so strange that we cannot yet accept it as a possible reality? These questions and many more have been flooding my head for a long time, but now, I feel more ready than ever and am discovering new connections almost on a weekly basis, as I have said before, and this week something came my way that has helped me enforce the possibilities listed above.

This picture came my way courtesy of NASA doing all the leg work and Gary Leggiere…aka…MARS REVEALER for the actual find and posting of.
This image is on the surface of Mars and it is the eye of Horus.

mars eye

How am I so sure of that? From my findings in the Chauvet cave art. The 30,000 year old art has led me on a rather wild ride these last seven months and I know it is not over yet, not by a long shot! I know there is far more to discover in the art. But what could possibly be in the art that this Martian image could relate to?
Well, obviously the eye of Horus, of course.

Horus Leveled shrunk

Now to show you the points of interest as to how these image match. There are a few pieces that give us a deeper idea as to how they ‘connect’. This is more than a ‘looks similar’ type of match as you will see in this next set.

ra sampleHorus Leveled shrunkxample

What are we exactly looking at? Firstly, the yellow circles, they are showing the ‘shark tail’ effect given to the art work. It is a sloping tail that ends in a point rather than the square ended version we also see which is in the blue circle and seen on many other versions.

The green circle is the barely visible ‘physical’ eye that we see. Then, the wavy blue line is clearly seen in the last image as a matching wavy blue line. These factors placed together can only mean that the image on Mars was designed and was made to resemble something that was either from Mars or travelled to Mars via Earth or some other variation. Perhaps Earth was the final destination before departing for somewhere else and they left their mark here? The second image is 30,000 years old and can be found in the Chauvet cave art and is easily spotted.

Just one more observation about this strange structure on Mars.

Is this a doorway or some form of entrance or just a natural formation?

mars gate

This image is of Glastonbury Tor. It was submitted to me by Steph Moon Mumma. Is this yet another Eye of Ra formation on the surface of Earth? I cannot help but notice the strong similarities between all of these images so I have to, at least, consider the possibility.


Here is the set which includes the other images above along with the other ‘eye’ that sits next to Namak lake, south of Tehran.

Eye connection set