The Power of Ares: Greek God of War, Lust, and Protection

September 4, 2019 - General
Ares, God of war in ancient Greece.

Ares is one of the most popular gods of the Greek pantheon. He is also one of the earliest documented deities, known from the texts much older than the Iliad. This deity is primarily known as a bloody god of war who was thought to help soldiers on the battlefield.

Thousands of helmets unearthed in the lands which were dominated by the ancient Greeks once belonged to men who followed his cult. However, it seems that Ares was called upon not only for war, but also to aid individuals with their personal battles. Moreover, he was believed to be a father of the famous fighting women known as the Amazons, and his daughter Hippolyta was the Amazon queen.

Ares was a Hero in Homeric Tales

Ares is usually presented as an impressive man in full armor and a helmet. He often carries a shield and a spear. However, there are also examples of artwork where he appears on a chariot which is pulled by fire-breathing horses.


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