Unravelling the True Story of the Beautiful Tara Brooch: A Masterpiece of Celtic Metalwork

March 27, 2019 - General
Copy of the 8th century Tara Brooch.

The Tara Brooch is an ancient Celtic metalwork masterpiece. Stories say it came from the Hill of Tara – traditionally regarded as the seat of the Irish High Kings. Although that is a fabrication meant to increase the brooch’s value, the artifact is still one of the greatest treasures in Irish history.

Finding the Tara Brooch

Rather than the Hill of Tara, the Tara Brooch is recorded to have been found on a beach in Bettystown, near Laytown, County Meath. The peasant woman who allegedly found the brooch in August 1850 claimed that the object was in a box in the sand when she made the discovery.

However, many people don’t believe everything about that story either. They think that the brooch was actually unearthed somewhere inland. But, in order to avoid a legal dispute with a landowner it may be that the woman’s family lied about the location where the artifact was found.

Beach in Bettystown, County Meath.

Source: origins

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