Viking Ship Burial Discovered on Norwegian Island

November 24, 2019 - General
The Viking ship burial was found by the old Edøy church in Norway.

As technology is advancing, it is allowing us to know more about our past. Researchers in Norway have used it to identify a Viking ship burial on an island. The ship’s outline was detected, and researchers have been able to study the buried vessel without even digging into the soil.

The exciting discovery was made after a survey of a historic church on the small Island of Edøy, which is located 70 miles (85 km) west of Trondheim in western Norway. The survey was conducted by a team of local experts and members of the NIKU (Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage). The team used georadar technology to map the area around the historic Church.

Edøy old Church

Edøy old Church. (Henny stokseth/CC BY SA 3.0)

Source: origins

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