Zorats Karer: The Incredible History of the 7,500-year-old Armenian Stonehenge

August 2, 2019 - General
Zorats Karer, the Armenian Stonehenge

Armenia is full of archaeological surprises. It is a country where mysterious stories appear at every corner and most of them still wait to be solved. However, one of the greatest stories of prehistoric Armenia relates to the Army Stones, a riddle hidden between a marvelous construction of megaliths.

Zorats Karer is also known as Carahunge, Karahunj, Qarahunj. It is located in an area of around 7 hectares and covers the site near the Dar river canyon close to the city of Sisan. The ancient site is often called the ”Armenian Stonehenge”, but the truth of what it is may be even more fascinating. According to several researchers, Zorats Karer could be among the world’s oldest astronomical observatories, and is at least 3,500 years older than British Stonehenge. But not everyone agrees with that interpretation.

Zorats Karer in the snow. (VitalyTitov /Adobe Stock)

The Controversy Surrounding the Site

There are two main groups researching the Zorats Karer site – Bnorran Historic-Cultural NGO and the Armenian Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography – and they have very different views on the purpose of the site. As Bnorran board member Arevik Sargsyan told Armenpress:


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